Pinky Rose Center Stage Eyeshadow Palette

QAR 100,00

Bright Lights is a BRIGHT, BOLD, & EXCITING !!! 

Be Gorgeous !!!  Be Seen !!!  Be the Center Stage !!!  

Center Stage Palette is perfect for day or night looks.  It’s filled with beautiful transitions and 4 beautiful shimmers !!! BOOM was created for your brow bone and it can be used in the inner corner of the eye for that beautiful finishing touch.

Added 3 waterproof pressed glitters that will compliment any look you create to give that extra sparkle. Use a small amount of product as a little goes a long way !!

Glitter is used to be pressed onto the eyelid.  They are waterproof and the formula does not need adhesive.  However, adding adhesive becomes a smudge proof glitter.  You can use Pinky Rose Smackdown Glue or any adhesive of your choice.



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