Addoony At First Eye Pencil (Blue-WaterProof)

QAR 40,00

Addoony At First Sight Eye Pencil


  • At First Sight Eye Pencil is an organic product. Made from the finest vegan materials.
  • Enriched with a very high percentage of organic coconut oil, vitamin E and Gamma oryzanol.
  • Coconut Oil acts like a real balm on the skin; has an anti-ageing effect, and nourishing action which is useful to strengthen eyelashes and eyebrows.
  • It contains also Gamma oryzanol which is obtained from rice bran oil. It has been used for a long time in cosmetics for its numerous applications. It has strong antioxidant properties protecting the skin from oxidative stress and photoaging. As well as being a natural sun filter, gamma oryzanol is used daily in Eastern medicineas an invigorating tonic, anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory