Beauty Bakerie - Cake d'Ivoire Matte Lip Whip ٩٠ر.ق

QAR 90,00

Cake d’Ivoire will satisfy all your cravings for a caramel-colored Lip Whip. Inspired by the tan sands off of the Ivory Coast, Cake d’Ivoire is the perfect milk-chocolate nude to complete your cake face. Our Matte Lip Whips dry to a smudge-proof, matte finish so that you can bake up your lip looks without eating them too.

  • Long-lasting, smudge-proof, and water-proof.
  • Don't worry about eating your makeup with our Lip Whips. They stay on your lips, not your food!
  • Apply your Lip Whip and leave it at home. Don't worry about reapplying.
  • It's Vegan!
  • Please note: Stickiness can result if the product is not allowed ample time to dry or if the product is layered with more than 3 layers.