Lime Crime Diamond Crushers (LIT)

QAR 100,00

Wanna sparkle like a fairy on acid? Get the effect of *crushed diamonds* on your lips, cheeks, and anywhere else on your body with a swipe of a wand! Can be worn by itself or over matte lipstick without making it run. And did we mention it smells like strawberries??

Iridescent lip topper in a 'rose gold on acid' hue. Lightweight water-based formula is filled with light-reflective iridescent shimmers that dance and glisten with you as you move. Feels like nothing on skin & lasts forever.

What it does: Glitters up your life. Enhances liquid mattes. Makes you look like f*cking amazing!

What it won't do: Run, feel gritty or drying. Ruin your liquid matte lipstick.


  • Pop over your bare lips. Get LIT.
  • Wear over your favorite liquid lipstick to take your game to the next level! (Smooth over with finger if necessary.)
  • Top with clear gloss - because why not!
  • Wear as mermaid highlighter on cheeks and collar bones.
  • Take lots & lots of selfies!!! #diamondcrushers

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