WBCO The brow pomade- ROOTS

QAR 89,00

This lightweight creamy brow filling product allows you to create a subtle look mimicking hair strokes, or you can opt for a stronger, more defined brow. The choice is yours.

What You Get

  • A FREE Pomade brush with purchase.
  • The formula is waterproof and VERY long-lasting.
  • All pomade shades are cool tones, to avoid unnatural-looking brows.
  • Very pigmented so you only need a little product meaning the pot lasts a long time.
  • Can be used in multiple ways to create different looks from a sleek, groomed brow to a fluffy full brow.
  • Glides over Soap Brows, giving you full control over your brow shape and style.

Perfect For

Everyone! Whether you want to create softer hair strokes to fill in any gaps or go all out with a strong, power brow.

What Makes It Different?

PencilSmudge Resistant
ClockLong Lasting